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  • volker


    hi, looks great!
    now we are going to start sommer holiday in a couple of weeks.
    one more without a drone.
    who can inform me about the delivery date of my pre order?

  • Roman


    That is super!
    This will be a very useful and welcome feature.
    Look forward to trying it out.
    Great work guys!!

  • Brian Eiffe


    Hi great news. really looking forward to my Snap here in Australia as I am waiting to start my travels up the River Murray in my house boat and want to be able to take the snap with me. If I leave it will be hard for my to collect so at the moment locked to this town till my order is delivered.

    Brian Eiffe
    Mannum South Australia

  • Charlie


    Very cool blog post. Loves seeing what it looks like on the phone at the same time.

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