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Introducing Vantage’s New Community Manager

Home NewsIntroducing Vantage’s New Community Manager

Introducing Vantage’s New Community Manager


We’re excited to announce our new Community Manager, Matt Zarchin. As Community Manager, Matt is responsible for taking care of all our current and future customers. If you have a question, warranty issue, or just want to check in on us at Vantage, he’s your man.  In addition to a wonderful love of flying robots and a dedication to high-quality support, Matt brings some incredibly relevant experience in videography, journalism, and recruiting to our team. (Yes, we are a small team and everyone wears many hats.) When Matt’s not taking care of all of you, you can generally find him on the rugby pitch, where he plays inside center.

For the many of you who got to know and appreciate James Squires, who has been our amazing community manager for many years, he very sadly had to leave us to take care of his aging grandmother. We all wish him the best in Fresno and thank him for his dedicated work at Vantage.

Matt’s got some big shoes to fill taking over for James, but anyone who’s had the chance to interact with him some far can probably attest, you’re going to be in good hands. And if he does particularly well taking care of you, I’m told he’s got a penchant for tasty coffee.

  • John


    Welcome Matt and good luck in the new position. I’m sure you are working diligently on my Snap getting repaired. 🙂 I appreciate all the help you have provided me so far, and for your quick replies to my emails.


  • Stan


    Hi Matt, nice to meet you. I suggest that you revive the Fb Vantage Robotics website. Nothing happens there. That’s a corpse. The entire weight of the negative and positive discussion was taken over by Ash Ha from the Vantage Robotics Snap Drone. Any conclusions? I’m just there because Snap users who are current and future exchange help and opinions. What’s wrong with you people? Why do you need this control? You have closed all the doors in front of us. Regards Stan.

    • Matt Zarchin


      Thanks for the comment, Stan. Part of my strategy in this role is to create a much more active social media presence. Expect to see that very soon. Again, thank you!

  • Very happy customer


    In your spec sheet, you mention that there is optical flow. This was not there before. Have you added new sensors since the initial release?

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