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Vantage Robotics redefines flying cameras with the Introduction of Snap, the World’s Most Versatile Flying Camera
Snap Delivers Professional Quality Aerial Video in a Portable, Safe, and Easy Design

SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 2, 2015) — Vantage Robotics is pleased to announce the launch of Snap — the first flying camera that the anyone can safely and easily use to capture top quality aerial video, available for pre-order today on the Vantage Robotics website (hyperlink). Two years in the making, Snap is the culmination of meticulous engineering and design and offers exceptional, gimbal-stabilized image quality in a portable and safe package.

Three years ago, Tobin Fisher, CEO and co-founder of Vantage Robotics, cut his hand on a plastic-bladed quadrotor; inspired by his injury, he set out to design flying cameras with the same ease of use as products he helped create at IDEO. He partnered with Joe van Niekerk (co-founder and CTO), a winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge who previously designed ultra high-end gimbals for military drones, and together they built a team of Stanford-trained engineers and designers to create Snap.

“People are the most interesting subjects for any video, so we wanted to make a flying camera that was actually safe to use around them,” says Fisher. “Whether you’re a professional photographer or athlete, or simply looking to capture the moment in a unique way, Snap fits in the smallest backpack and provides beautiful 4K imagery, without weighing you down.”

Features highlights:

Performance: Snap packs a 4k gimbal-stabilized camera, 20-minute flight time, 30 mph top speed, and faster acceleration than a Ferrari.

Portable: Snap weighs just 500 grams (1.1 lbs) and folds to fit easily in any backpack.

Safe: The patent pending blade protection and magnetic break-apart design make Snap the first flying camera that can safely be used around people.

Easy: Snap requires zero flight skill thanks to its unique auto-tracking modes, canned shots like orbit and out and back, and tilt based flight control from your smart phone. 

The pre-order price for Snap, which is expected to ship in Spring 2016, is $895 USD (limited time, standard retail is $1295 USD). Orders can be placed on the Vantage Robotics website.

Please view the press kit, here.

About Vantage Robotics

Founded in 2013 by two engineers with a passion for technology and the outdoors, Vantage Robotics builds flying cameras to accompany you on any adventure. Vantage’s first product, Snap, is a fully portable, safe, and incredibly easy to use 4k flying camera. Vantage Robotics is a private company founded by Tobin Fisher and Joe van Niekerk; it is based in San Francisco, CA.  For additional information, please visit (hyperlink).

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