The safest, easiest to use, flying camera.

At Vantage Robotics, we believe flying cameras should be safe and easy to use for everyone.  That hasn’t been the case with other drones and flying cameras, so we set out to solve this problem.  Flying is magical to us, and we want to share that experience with the world. Go on, tell your story from above.

The team at Vantage has over half a century of combined experience developing and manufacturing high tech products, both at premier design consultancies like IDEO as well as within our own companies (we’ve started a collective seven of them). The company has the backing of investors who have taken over 20 high tech companies from seed or founding through acquisition or IPO, including Twitter. We have done nothing over the last two years but focus on making the best flying camera the world has ever seen.

Tobin Fisher

Co-Founder and CEO

Tobin is a kiteboarder and climber, in addition to being a Stanford trained engineer. He wanted to see flying cameras reach the same ease of use and polish as the products he helped create at IDEO. After being cut badly by an innocuous plastic bladed quadrotor, he also realized the massive safety risk from flying cameras. His real world experience adventuring and designing products are the basis for many of Vantage Robotics’ design innovations.

Joe van Niekerk

Co-Founder and CTO

Joe studied robotics and controls at Stanford University. After working on autonomous vehicles, he developed advanced motion tracking products for the sports industry and high performance gimbals. An avid mountain biker, he wanted to create a product that would allow anyone to create the epic ‘cable cam’ shots as seen on professional downhill races. As a father of two very energetic kids, creating a safe flying camera to use around his family was a key design goal.