We’re a team of Stanford and Yale-trained Silicon Valley engineers who set out to expand the aerial frontier. We make Snap in our headquarters in San Leandro California so we can maintain control over design, production, and quality, as well as bring together the latest technologies from Silicon Valley and beyond at unparalleled speed. We service what we sell in the same facility so you can be sure we have your back.

The team at Vantage has over half a century of combined experience developing and manufacturing high tech products, both at premier design consultancies like IDEO as well as within our own companies (we’ve started a collective seven of them). Previously, we’ve helped win the DARPA Grand Challenge, set world records in aviation, created revolutionary micro fuel-cell power systems, and helped prove Einstein’s theories. The company has the backing of investors who have founded pioneering drone companies and taken over 20 high tech companies from seed or founding through acquisition or IPO. We have done nothing over the last five years but focus on making the safest and most powerful flying camera the world has ever seen.

Co-Founder and CEO

Tobin Fisher

Tobin is a kiteboarder and climber, in addition to being a Stanford trained engineer. He wanted to see flying cameras reach the same ease of use and polish as the products he helped create at IDEO. After being cut badly by an innocuous plastic bladed quadrotor, he also realized the massive safety risk from flying cameras. His real world experience adventuring and designing products are the basis for many of Vantage Robotics’ design innovations.

Co-Founder and CTO

Joe van Niekerk

Joe studied robotics and controls at Stanford University. After working on autonomous vehicles, he developed advanced motion tracking products for the sports industry and high performance gimbals. An avid mountain biker, he wanted to create a product that would allow anyone to create the epic ‘cable cam’ shots as seen on professional downhill races. As a father of two very energetic kids, creating a safe flying camera to use around his family was a key design goal.

Vice President of Software

Assaf Stoler

Assaf has 3 decades of critical software and robotics experience. One exit as a Co-founder of OdiroTech, an autonomous diamond polishing startup, also one patent with Panasonic Avionics Corp. Prior to Vantage he was a Sr. Principal engineer at Symantec and was responsible for the design of key elements of the Norton CORE device (2017 Edison aware recipient, Time magazine best 25 innovations list, 2017). Before joining Symantec, he was Principle Engineer at Charge Point and he released the ‘Panda’, a linux based, connected smart home EV changer. He worked at Scanadu as a lead Firmware engineer , where delivered to customers a first of it’s kind medical Tricoder, the Scanadu Scout. Prior to that Assaf worked as a Sr. Engineer and team lead for Alert Logic delivering multiple projects cumulating with the Cloud and on-site Threat Manager Platform. Assaf worked as a Sr. Engineer for Panasonic Avionics for 7 years, delivering multiple high impact projects that still fly to-date on many commercial airliners. Those included specialized high-availability airborne servers, custom multi-path routing and routers code, virtual file-systems, and much more. His other passions are aviation and photography. He currently holds a commercial pilot certificate, instrument rating, and aerobatics sign-off. In July of 2003, he broke the USA coast-to-coast speed record for the <1000 kg airplane weight class.

DIrector of Mechanical Engineering

Aaron Breen

Aaron has more than five years of experience solving problems in a broad range of mechanical engineering specialties. At Vantage Robotics his duties include everything from design, prototyping, and testing through operations, logistics, and personnel management. He created most of the manufacturing procedures and documentation in use at Vantage, as well as many of the jigs and fixtures including automated robotic systems. Aaron’s previous experience includes programming construction robots building modular homes, designing carbon fiber winding shafts for lights-out manufacturing, and developing designs and manufacturing tools for high-power semiconductors. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Director of Operations

Kaj Martin

Kaj has 9 years of operations experience ranging from Sony-Ericsson and military service to hardware startups in the Bay Area. In the last 5 years he has been helping startups to get hardware products to market through developing and implementing supply chain and manufacturing processes. He has networked with the start-up community both as a part of a team and as a co-founder for a 3D printer start up. His strengths lie in team building, team management, and the idea-to-implementation process of getting a manufacturing operation off the ground. On his free time he sails, volunteers at a local shelter by fostering unwanted dogs, and spends time on the many hiking trails in the East Bay.

Software Engineer

Alex Lerikos

Community Manager

Matt Zarchin

Matt has a background in videography and public relations. He graduated from California State University, Chico where he studied journalism and broadcasting. As our Community Manager, Matt’s duties include handling our customer relations and PR needs. Matt is also a big fan of rugby, having played for the last 13 years.

Production Team Lead

Sam Yeeles

Manufacturing Technician

Mike Partido

Manufacturing Technician

Andy Andegiorgis