Designed, built, and serviced in Silicon Valley.

We’re a team of Stanford and Yale-trained Silicon Valley engineers who set out to expand the aerial frontier. We design and build our products in our headquarters in San Leandro California so we can maintain control over design, production, and quality, as well as bring together the latest technologies from Silicon Valley and beyond at unparalleled speed. We service what we sell in the same facility so you can be sure we have your back.

The team at Vantage has over two centuries of combined experience developing and manufacturing high tech products, both at premier design consultancies like IDEO as well as within our own companies (we’ve started a collective seventeen of them). Previously, we’ve helped win the DARPA Grand Challenge, set world records in aviation, created revolutionary micro fuel-cell power systems, and helped prove Einstein’s theories. The company has the backing of investors who have founded pioneering drone companies and taken over 20 high tech companies from seed or founding through acquisition or IPO. We have done nothing over the last seven years but focus on making the safest and most powerful flying camera the world has ever seen.

Vantage Leadership