Vesper provides field operators with American-made ISR, extended flight time, unmatched low light performance, and 3-axis stabilized tri-sensor payload. This complete aerial reconnaissance system gives field operators trusted eyes in the sky in any conditions.
Our light, rugged, and portable ISR drone is backpack ready, easy to use, and has been tested with thousands of hours of flight. Vesper’s modular design and uncompromising build quality meets the needs of a range of mission-critical operations at a moment’s notice.

New orders ship 120 days after purchase.


2x low light EO + IR, 320p thermal,

48x zoom, 3-axis stabilized gimbal


50 minute flight time, 45 mph top speed,

28 mi flight range, inaudible at 50 m


2.2 lb packed in IP64 waterproof and crush-proof case


AES-256 encryption, secure boot,

NDAA compliant, designed,

sourced, and built in USA



Flight time – Recon Rotor Set 50 minutes
Flight time – Shrouded Rotor Set 32 minutes
Airframe mass 597 – 697 g (depending on battery used)
Flight speed 20 m/s / 45 mph / 72 km/hr
Stealth <37 dBA at 25 meter range
Visibility Not visible at 100 meters seen against terrain
Operational temperature range -20° – 45° C
Ingress protection IP-53 in flight
Flight range 45 km / 28 miles
Position control sensors Redundant GNS, GNSS, VIO, and optical flow for position control indoors and outdoors
Avoidance Downward facing sonar, front and rear avoidance available as future software update


Origin Designed, sourced, and built in USA
Encryption AES-256 on all communications and data storage
GPS-denied flight Capable with VIO and Optical Flow
Security compliance NDAA and TAA compliant, Air Force ATO granted
Construction Bonded construction prevents tampering
Data transmission No remote data transmission



Data link range for video streaming

8 km max with directional antenna

4 km max with standard antenna

Video stream 1080p, h.265 encoding
Frequencies available 2.4 GHz, 1.8 GHz
Bandwidths Selectable 1, 2, 4, or 8 MHz
High speed data transfer to GCS Wi-Fi


Launch time Less than 90 seconds from case to air
Field Case IP67 waterproof
Durability in Field Case Withstands 90 kg crush and 1m drop
Weight 1 kg/ 2300 cm³ packed in field case
Transport Case Watertight, dustproof, dent-proof, with hasps and foam-lined interior



Gimbal 3-axis stabilized
Gimbal pitch control User controllable +30° – -90°
Sensors Dual EO sensors + thermal
Sensors Dual 4K Sony IMX 334 EO image sensors, 3840 x 2160 px 8 MP still images
Low light capability <0.01 lx
Optical and digital zoom 48x combined zoom (72° – 1.5° HFOV)
Navigation lens 6 mm f/1.0
Telephoto lens 25 mm f/2.4
Thermal sensor 320 x 240p uncooled vanadium oxide with 65 mK sensitivity
Video recording format 1080 or 4K MPEG-4


Battery options Endurance battery attaches magnetically and swaps in seconds
Rotor set options Shrouded Rotor Set for indoor and flight near people, Reconnaissance Rotor Set for endurance, stealth and speed
Gimbal Field replaceable, can be swapped in minutes