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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is Snap, and what is a Flying Camera?

Snap is a flying camera. Some might call it an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. We call it adventure inspiration. Functionally it is a powerful flying vehicle with an ultra high definition camera that is optimized to capture photos and video for you from the air.

It’s extremely easy to operate – unfold it, pull out your smartphone, release it into the air, and begin to fly!

You can control Snap with your phone, or put it into tracking mode and let it follow you. Snap is portable (read ultra-compact), safe, an excellent flying experience, and shoots UHD pictures and videos.

Purchasing Snap, Warranty, and Returns

Are you charging me immediately for my pre-order?

Yes, we are charging you when you pre-order. This early commitment helps us ensure we make the correct number. We thank our early supporters by shipping in the order received – so those who order first will get Snap first.

When will Snap ship?

We have begun shipping pre-sale units, but it will take a couple more months before all orders are filled. We will ship out in the order received and fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

What are the shipping costs?

$20 for US, and $35 for international.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Different tax rates may apply.

Does the Snap price include VAT or other duties?

No. You are responsible for any VAT, tariff, taxes, handling fees, duty, brokerage charges, customs clearance charges, etc. required by your country for consumer goods import.

What comes in the box?

Your order will come with one ready to fly Snap, battery , charger, carrying case, full set of spare props, user manual, and an 8 GB SD card.

What is your refund policy?

You can get a full refund on your order any time prior to shipping.

Where can I buy replacement parts for Snap?

You can buy replacement parts and extra batteries on our site as soon as Snap begins shipping.

What is your return policy?

When you purchase Snap directly from our website, you get a full 14-day money back guarantee from the date of shipment. Simply contact customer support if you would like to return a Snap. Any items damaged due to reasons not covered under warranty cannot be accepted back for refund under our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Does Snap require any assembly?

Nope. It works – straight out of the box. Yippeee.

Can I swap out batteries?

Yes! We specifically designed Snap to allow battery exchange so you can fly for as long as you want. Spare batteries weigh 223 grams, so it’s easy to carry several.

Is Snap waterproof?

Snap is not waterproof, but can be flown in light rain and heavy fog. You can still operate Snap over water, but we suggest not flying too close to choppy seas.

Does Snap have obstacle avoidance?

Snap does not currently have obstacle avoidance, but we do plan to offer an accessory to enable this. Snap’s unique protected blade design reduces the consequences of collision, but one should still always use careful judgement to avoid impact. Additionally, Snap’s virtual wire and air tripod tracking modes let you define the path Snap will take, to be certain there are no surprises. We find the video looks a lot better with these approaches too!

Does Snap have a gimbal?

Hell yes. A really nice one. One of our Co-Founders previously designed $250,000 gimbals for the military. This means we have designed a gimbal that is incredibly efficient, allowing for amazing flight performance AND amazing visuals – simultaneously.

Can I add my own gimbal and camera on Snap?

Negative, ghostrider. Snap is designed so you don’t  need anything else to get the images you want.

How likely are the propellers to break?

Snap’s propeller guards makes it unlikely to break the propellers. Snap ships with a spare set of propellers in the event you manage to damage one.

Video & Audio

Can Snap stream video?

Yup! Snap streams live video to your smartphone.

Do I need a 4k camera if i don't have a 4k tv or computer?

There are many other benefits to having a 4k camera, even when the goal is to record full hd (1080p) video:

  • High resolution photos from the 4k CMOS
  • Ability to shoot at different zoom levels and keep pixel sharpness for 1080p
  • The 4k processing power allows super slow motion 1080p at 120 frames per second
  • In post process editing, there are many pixels that can be discarded to achieve better framing or zooming


What wind speeds does Snap operate in?

Snap has tested well in winds above 20 mph. We suggest not operating it in wind over 15 mph.

How to I make sure Snap’s flight time lasts 20 minutes? What constitutes normal usage?

We estimated flight time based on an average speed of 5 mph. Flight time will vary depending on how you use it.


How does Snap track me while in flight?

Snap uses the GPS and accelerometers from your smartphone to keep track of your location and keep you in frame. We use some fancy predictive feedforward modeling and smoothing to make the video look as awesome as possible.

How close/far can I fly Snap from me?

Snap is designed for safety, so you can literally bump into it and grab it out of the air. Other models with open blades/propellers require a minimum height and distance from user: of five feet or more – not so with Snap! The auto tracking does require some separation in cases where the GPS accuracy is limited for it to keep you accurately in frame.

What happens if Snap loses track of my location?

If Snap stops receiving your location for any reason, it will smoothly come to a stop and wait for a signal. If it is unable to reconnect, it will automatically return to the takeoff location.

Can I have more than one Snap tracking me at once?

Not yet. But you can have multiple cameras tracking an activity, game, or event – just have people with individual Snaps and phones activated.

Safety & Regulation

Where can I use Snap?

You can use Snap anywhere indoors or outdoors as long as you are respecting all the local laws and regulations. Snap requires a clear view of the sky in order to get a GPS lock, which is used for maintain positioning and automated flights. We recommend doing your first flight outdoors so Snap can maintain position automatically.  We also suggest you also respect local flora, fauna, and people.

Where are the FAA's current regulations for using Snap?

The FAA currently requires that you only use Snap more than 5 miles from airports, at altitudes of less than 400 feet, and use good judgement. The FAA requires consumers to register their drones as of 2016. You can register Snap by visiting

Is Snap safe to use around kids?

Snap is designed to minimize the chance of injury in the event of unintended contact. While the props are protected, small fingers can fit in there if you really try. Be smart and don’t take unnecessary risks. Specifically, never fly directly over people or intentionally fly into anyone (or anything).

Can I use Snap to overthrow the government, deliver my cappuccino, and spy on my neighbors?

Great questions. We’ve asked the same ones…

Overthrowing the Government:
Please – don’t try to use Snap to do anything illegal, immoral, or fattening. We suggest you involve yourself in legal democratic processes if you are discontent with your government.

Delivering Liquid Gold:
While it is also our dream to have perfectly frothed cappuccinos delivered into our windows, Snap is not this. It’s a flying camera!

Spying, Espionage, and Spooning:
Again, don’t do anything immoral. Or dumb. Snap’s propellers made a buzzing sound, so people you try to spy on will hear you. They might respond with water balloons. That would not be good for Snap.