Snap now has Optical Flow

For the many customers who have received your Snap recently, you might be wondering about the new little hole in the tail assembly, just behind the sonar. As we hinted we’d be announcing in a previous post, we have upgraded Snap to now include a downward facing optical flow module to augment position control outdoors and enable position control indoors. We have also dropped the exterior whip antenna for a pair of internal antennas which we’ve found to have slightly better performance. We hope you enjoy the upgrade as a small thanks for your patience in getting your Snap.

For the rapidly dwindling number of you still awaiting your Snap, we’re cranking out the new and improved Snaps faster than ever and doing everything we can to get it in your hands in the next month.


  • John Pirtle says:

    Does this address the side to side jitter?

  • loren snyder says:

    When I pre ordered my Snap the news was that eventually the Snap would cost $1,200. I see it is still selling for $900. Will $900 be the final price for the basic unit?

  • Daniel S. says:

    “We have a plan to make sure you don’t feel left out”…What about a plan that doesn’t make us feel robbed?

  • Ben C Ng says:

    I wish there’s a remote controller for Snap; it’s not so easy to use mobile phone to control the drone. Still getting use to it.

  • David Herman says:

    Wow. I just got my SNAP recently and it’s already “obsolete”.

  • Doug Cochran says:

    This is welcome news. I’m more than a little surprised by the criticism of it however. To keep things in perspective, perhaps an analogy is in order.

    Over the past 20 years, digital camera manufacturers have made huge improvements in quality and features. Over that time, I’ve owned cameras made by Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, GoPro, and Fuji. None of them were perfect when I bought them, and none of the manufacturers stopped innovating to prevent me from being left behind. And, none of those multi-billion $ companies ever offered to upgrade a product I purchased with new hardware at a reduced cost.

    So, kudos to Vantage Robotics for continuing to innovate, refine and improve their product. I appreciate their very reasonable upgrade offer and will order be ordering soon. Similarly, if they drop the price of the drone next week, it will not affect what I already have but may embolden me to take some greater risks in my flight plans.

    As a Snap owner, I’m thrilled that VR continues to make improvements. If I owned a competitor’s drone, I’d want VR to innovate as well, because without competition there would be no innovation. Criticism of improvements, price drops (or lack of increase), or upgrade offers seems to fall into the category of “careful what you wish for”.

  • Joe O. says:

    Use a Bluetooth controller paired to the phone.

  • Joe O. says:

    Well said. I completely agree.

  • Ben says:

    Hi, where can I get a remote controller for my Snap?

  • Jason says:


    I love that this company is continually innovating and improving their product, but let’s be real. I personally have waited 2 years to get a product that was suppose to be here within months. If I incorporated that same business model with Snap as a parts provider, they would more than likely be out of business. To be patient and wait for this long, be promised all these upgrades like batteries and Beacons with no official ship date, and then see that for the same price had you waited you would’ve received an even better model is bs. I lock my price and vote of confidence into this company despite all the technological advances companies like DJI have made and my reward is that by the time I receive said product that you have already upgraded it for the same price I paid for the exact same model?

    Finish complete production of the original unit with all the extra batteries, Beacons, and controllers to extend the range of flight. Update the Android app as much as the iOS app. THEN release a second version with all the newer bells and whistles. I don’t see how you can send half orders out and already be upgrading the initial units and asking for more money like it’s some great compensation when people that weren’t even aware of you are now getting better models for the same price.

    If there is a possibility that this thing can fly further then roll out the equipment that allows it. I’m so sick of this limiting geofence crap. Where is the controller? I’d like to have multiple batteries but can’t because you’re still behind on shipping with the original orders. Realize how your business model is prohibiting us from excelling in ours.

    Side note: I will say I do love the image quality and product as a whole. I do tend to venture towards the “little guy” as opposed to big corporations and you do have a top-of-the-line product. But commiting to your statements is vital. Otherwise you’re just selling dreams.

  • Brad says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Jason. This isn’t the same as a 2.0, which justifies and substantiates a $200 premium. You’re wading into a PR disaster if you don’t supply those of us who waited 2+ years for a drone and stomached countless missed promises with a fuselage update for free. Hell, I’ll even pay the shipping.

    BTW, has anyone received their beacon or extra battery yet?

  • Adam says:

    I supported Vantage robotics from 2015 up to last year. lot of promises that never kept. The only one that was kept is the cancellation process. once I cancelled, I got my money at the same week.
    You guys “had” an innovative product but you missed someone to put a good business plan for production.Good luck.

  • Stan says:

    Hi guys.Somehow I don’t see any movie with flying Snape in the room ?

  • Nesher Asner says:

    I’m also waiting for a version that can use an R/C controller.

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