Announcing VESPER & Vision GCS

Announcing VESPER & Vision GCS: Vantage’s Next Generation Elite Small Drone

Introducing VESPER: a new military-grade small drone that is designed, sourced and built in the United States.  This 690 gram quadcopter exceeds the specifications of the most elite federal security leaders and is, for the first time ever, now available for direct purchase on the Vantage Robotics website.

What is VESPER?  Vesper is a complete aerial reconnaissance system built upon user-centered design criteria obtained from military leaders, experienced operators, elite special forces, industry veterans, and DoD security experts.  These respected leaders helped the Vantage team thoughtfully develop Vesper and Vision Ground Control Station and informed the foundations of the design – specifically:

  1. Use adversity to your advantage.  Both Vesper and Vision Ground Control Station (GCS) are robust and durable in the air, on land and in the water. Vesper can tolerate a 200 pound (90 kilogram) force in its case.  In flight, Vesper can withstand tundra-like temperatures of -4 F (-20 C) and extreme heat of 113 F (45 C).  Vision GCS is waterproof to IP56, and Vesper can operate reliably and effectively in heavy rain, high winds and extreme weather.  Vision GCS’ 2500 nit screen enables crystal clear imagery in the brightest conditions, and the tactile flight and camera controls allow for gloved operation. Vesper is GPS-denied capable with VIO for flight indoors or in adverse RF conditions.
  2. Own the night.  Vesper’s payload includes two night vision 4K color cameras and an industrial grade thermal camera for superior performance.  Vesper’s Greenseer Gimbal has a 4K EO camera with F1.0 optics and high sensitivity large pixels, exceptional stability for long exposure times / low frame rates, multi-frame noise compensation in the Snapdragon 845 image processing chip, and custom image tuning for optimal performance in low light.  The combination of these features enables effective images down to 0.01 lux (the equivalent of a quarter moon at midnight), and the 320×240 custom-tuned thermal camera augments nighttime capabilities.
  1. Control the tempo.  Vesper offers a 50-minutes flight time, with speeds up to 45 mph (72 kph) and a total flight range of 25 miles (45 km).  Vision GCS has a 4-hour battery life and 500 GB of storage.  The magnetic snap-together architecture enables extremely fast transitions: the battery, props and rotor set can each be swapped in <5 seconds.  Plus, both Vesper and Vision GCS can be ready for flight at a moment’s notice (<90 seconds from pack –> to air).
  1. Identify without detection.  Vesper achieves unmatched stealth performance, neither visible nor audible at 55 yards (50 meters).  Vesper’s 37 dBa noise levels at 28 yards (25 m) are below detection thresholds for most environments.  The 3-axis gimbal offers superior levels of zoom with stable video in any conditions to identify the target without risk of detection.  With 18x zoom down to a 3 degree HOV, Vesper can recognize faces from over 65 yards (60 m) – outside of the visible or audible detectability range.
  2. Adapt to mission needs.  With its modular design, Vesper can be configured for any situation at-hand.  Vesper’s two battery alternatives enable optimization of endurance/speed or stealth.  Vesper’s two rotor set options – shrouded and reconnaissance – accommodate all types of indoor and outdoor use cases.  Vesper is photogrammetry-ready, and the modular gimbal can be swapped in minutes.
  3. Advance with confidence.  Vesper and Vision GCS meet the demanding security requirements of the US Army and Air Force, including secure user authentication, AES-256 encryption on all communications and stored data, NDAA compliant secure sourcing of all parts and assembly, and bonded construction to prevent tampering.  Following months of cyber penetration testing and supply chain analysis, the US. Air Force granted Vesper and Vision GCS an ATO (Authority to Operate), further supported by redundant testing conducted by the Department of Defense’s Digital Defense Service.

Vesper and Vision GCS set a new bar for the UAV industry: maximized value at a reasonable price and proudly made in the U.S.A.  This cutting edge solution without compromise is akin to Vantage Robotics’ Silicon Valley roots.  After 18-months of vetting with the DIU (Defense Innovation Unit of the U.S. Military), Vesper is — for the first time ever — available to commercial customers.

While we made Vesper and Vision GCS to meet the rigorous and demanding needs of the Department of Defense, we are thrilled to be able to make them available to the commercial customers they could also benefit.  On behalf of the Vantage team, we look forward to serving you.

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