U.S. Customs and Border Protection Awards Bulk Drone Order to Vantage Robotics

San Leandro, CA, Oct 10, 2022 — Vantage Robotics, a provider of small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), universal robotics controllers, and gimbals, today announced that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency secured a bulk order of the company’s Vesper systems on September 30 under a blanket purchase agreement (BPA). The initial $540,000 purchase agreement awarded to Vantage Robotics covers the cost of Vantage’s Vesper drones, accessories, and training. 

In December 2021, the CBP announced a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with five drone companies, including Vantage Robotics. The order for Vesper SUAS is part of that BPA, which has a total estimated value of $90 million over a five-year period. Vantage is also one of five drone manufacturers who are on the exclusive “Blue UAS” list of drones approved for purchase by the Department of Defense.

The Vesper drone systems will provide airborne intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and tracking capability to enhance situational awareness for CBP missions. Vesper offers unmatched endurance, stealth and sensor performance with a modular architecture tailorable to different mission and end user requirements. This is precisely what CBP needs as it safeguards the American people and protects our borders. 

“We are proud to support the Border Patrol mission” said Tobin Fisher, CEO of Vantage. “The Vesper’s ability to fly three times quieter than other drones in its class and for longer distances gives CBP agents a big advantage. Its low-light camera is superior to all other drones in its class, including Chinese drones, giving it unbeatable  performance in all conditions.”

About Vantage Robotics 

Vantage fills the pressing need for trusted small UAS for use in applications critical to national security and secure infrastructure management.  Customers include the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, DHS, FBI, DIU, CNN, Union Pacific Railroads, and Southern California Edison. The company has been selected for multiple U.S. Government programs including the Army’s next-generation nano-drone, the universal robotic controller for the DoD, and trusted drone components for U.S. and allied governments.

The company has strong backing from industry pioneers, respected VCs, strategic commercial partners, and Federal Agencies. The firm represents  a team of Stanford engineers, combat veterans, DARPA Grand Challenge winners, NASA, IDEO, Motorola, and Volkswagen alums. Learn more at https://www.vantagerobotics.com

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