We’re shipping!

The wait has been long, but the day has finally come. Vantage is now shipping Snaps to our pre-order customers. Thank you to everyone for sticking with us as we worked through the many challenges of creating a product as revolutionary as Snap.

The iOS app, Fly Snap, is currently available on the App Store. The Android app still needs a few more weeks of test and debug and will be released thereafter.

Our initial production rates are limited, but we are ramping up quickly, with the goal of shipping all pre-order units by the beginning of August. We will continue accepting pre-orders until June 25th and then stop taking new orders until our e-commerce site is live.

We won’t be satisfied until every one of you has a Snap AND loves it!  We look forward to hearing your feedback.

In the meantime, here’s a fun clip — A hawk was clearly excited about this milestone and, apparently, came by to wish us congratulations  ->

A similar red-tailed hawk actually snatched Snap out of the sky a few weeks ago. Presumably she is showing a bit more respect now that she knows it is a production unit, instead of a beta prototype.

In all seriousness, this has been an extremely exciting and challenging year for all of us at Vantage, as we’ve worked through roadblocks harder than we ever imagined. Your support and confidence has meant the world to us. Snap could not have happened without you.

Thank you and high-fives,

Tobin, Joe, and the Vantage team


  • Great news TobinJoe&Vantageteam!
    Congrats on this memorable moment we’ve all been waiting for.
    Best regards, Peter Herweijer, The Netherlands

  • philip says:

    Great news – now send that confirmation email over to the Netherlands !

  • Ian Phillips says:

    Wow that’s brilliant news, hope one will be UK bound soon. Any heads up on exactly when the android app might be available?

  • Chris says:

    Are you also shipping overseas or just in USA?

  • Gizmo says:

    Great news!!!.
    Very excited to see what it handles like when mine lands in the UK.
    Hopefully soon we will see some footage & feedback from other pre order customers.
    It was indeed a long wait for us all (including Team VR!)but hopefully it will prove to have been worth it once we start our own adventures with our very own Snaps.

  • Annette says:

    Congratulations to Joe, Tobin and Snap. There is lots that needs snapping in our beautiful South Africa. Cant wait to see Snap flying here and to see the awesome footage it will take.

  • Christopher says:

    I assume we’ll receive an email with tracking info when our Snap is shipped?

  • Zack says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Carl says:

    Will we receive another email with tracking information upon shipment?

  • Chris says:

    When does the NDA lift for beta testers?

  • Marty says:

    Congratulations! What an exciting journey. But my heart is breaking a little, because my bucket-list family vacation is now only days away. Yours is the machine I want with me. Every design choice you made resonated with me. Like everyone here, I paid well in advance, knowing I would love it. Sadly, though, I’m running out of time. Tonight I settled on a lesser, more expensive machine and was just about to place the order when I saw the news that my Snap might—could, possibly, perhaps—actually arrive at my house. What are the odds?

    I mean, seriously, what are the odds it will get here within six days? Because I have to make an expensive decision by Saturday or Sunday. I really want it to be YOU.

  • Doug Cochran says:

    Congratulations VR Team! Those of us who’ve experienced new product launches from the developer’s side know what you are going through and appreciate the work you’ve put in and the challenges you’ve faced. The blog discussions clearly expose those who have not. I’m glad I waited and am looking forward to seeing the view from above!

  • What a surprise. Yet another delay dressed up as a success story.
    I am sorry if you find our frustration upsetting, however you have failed to meet a deadline yet again. The fact that my last post has been deleted rather than answered is just the last straw.
    I will repeat my as yet unanswered questions again:
    Will you be using expedited delivery?
    Why can you not give a more precise shipping schedule for preorders?
    Why are your beta testers still under NDA?
    What is the schedule for the promised add-ons? (Originally meant to be available autumn 2016)

  • philip says:

    I agree with Marcus – sent an email to get some idea – no reply… 2nd battery promised year ago, no idea when we will get it….

    • Ron Gryn says:

      We have answered this question many times. Repeated asking will not change the answer.

  • Jeff says:

    Any idea when the next shipment will go out? Are the parts in stock to continue building, or are you waiting on a manufacturer?

    I’m anxiously hoping I’m in the next batch! I ordered back in Sept 2015.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      We are building and shipping as fast as we can. We are working very hard to get Snap out for each and every customer.

  • Dan says:

    There is some placebo effect going on in the mix of these delays. “mind blowing” “amazing” “you just wait & see”

  • Greg W says:

    Fantastic news. It’s been a huge effort, and customer impatience exerts and a massive amount of pressure. It’s gotta feel GREAT!

  • Scott says:

    My last question was deleted too… come on guys

  • 777 says:

    Great news! Two quick questions though,
    1. Why does the 1080P looks so washed out?
    2. So 1080P uses OIS and EIS correct? Why can you still see small movements in the footage?
    Look at your Vimeo video titled as “500 out and back” or something along those lines. Even Spark looks smoother..

  • Toby says:

    Congrats on shipping the first few Vantage 🙂

    Grabbed the app on my old iPhone to have a look, and it’s pretty slick. Look forward to the android release, as that is my main device now. Slightly concerned by your terms of use though, consenting to collect all data from our Snaps. Really that should be an opt-in choice and could get some backlash if it’s not. I hope that’s just a hold over from the beta program.

    Are you shipping internationally already?

  • Stan says:

    Wow 😀 Congratulations to VR team.I am very excited when I touch my Snap .I’m in queue from 02.2017. And I understand that my time will be late. However i am glad to be out of the woods
    Just app for Android and we will make movies.
    Ways of Camino de Santiag I’m coming…:D 😀

  • Andreas says:

    Anyone here who already has received his preordered Snap? Any chance to upload some experimental flight scenes to YouTube or Vimeo? Hopefully soon we will see some footage & feedback from pre order customers.

  • Yay! Been waiting since Nov 2015. My house burned to ground while waiting so I could use the motivation to get it. Thanks.

  • philip says:

    I must say that the lack of reactions and also no posts at all that people received their Snaps worries me quite a bit. Also emails about this subject go without reply….bad show !

    • Tobin Fisher says:

      Regarding the lack of replies, our community manager, Ron, is at a wedding in Cabo for the weekend and taking some much deserved time off. He’ll be responding to emails and voicemails as soon as he’s back tomorrow.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Snaps have been shipped and Snaps have been delivered.

  • Rusty says:

    My post was deleted the first day. A clue to how support calls will be handled?

  • Trevor says:

    Are there any more people here received the confirmation email?

  • Ryan H says:

    While I am excited to see some units have shipped, I’m of the tendency to agree with Marcus. I’m curious how a 5 day delay in shipping the first units (which is a fairly large delay given you were trying to ship on the 9th with three hours left) turns into a one month extension on when the last of the pre-orders get shipped.

  • Ryan H says:

    Scratch my last comment, I read it as the end of August, not the beginning.

  • Philip Hartog says:

    A day passed – just nothing happens here….bad show

  • Loc Truong says:

    I can’t gets hold of them, goes straight to voicemail and no email reply either.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      I have zero voicemails in my inbox. I checked multiple times while away. No messages. As for emails, I will be responding to them later today. I take great pride in responding to most emails and posts within a day and at most 3 business days.

  • Jeff says:

    Tobin, thanks for replying! We anxiously await news of shipments and people receiving their drones.

  • Scott says:

    I’m a bit nervous too…. how many did you actually ship? It doesn’t seem like a lot, especially since there is a lack of ANYTHING about vantage robotics posted online…. you’d think someone, anyone, would have posted something by now….. everyone these days loves to be the “first” to post something on the internet…. it makes me worried about getting this drone before fall. You guys keep saying before the end of august, but you also said it would be out last year.

  • William says:

    I’m so anxious for my Snap will be so grateful the day it finally arrives but I gotta admit with my wait since fall 2016 I’m surprised and impressed with the patience of those that ordered in 2015! There have been times I’ve wondered if this is all the most clever and elaborate scam ever! Have a pre-order sale for something that never comes. Especially how no video or anything really besides what they release online shows up regarding the snaps? I’m sorry but how many hurdles as a company you’ve had yet you have things locked down more tight then companies like Apple which seems fishy so you can’t blame us for our patience turning into skepticism after so long. A look into the year 2020, new blog post telling us the update of the pre-order snaps are coming in a few more weeks, August the latest for all the pre-orders. I hope it’s truly worth the wait. Sorry for my rant.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Hi William, Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Snap is real. Snap has already been delivered to customers. Thank you for your understanding and continued patience, it will pay off. Snap is right around the corner.

  • Paul E. C. says:

    Don’t worry!
    Batteries available for purchase, Autumn 2019!
    Rotor sets, 2020!
    Vaporware is available on demand!

  • Tobin,
    I have no issue with Ron going to a wedding, we all like a break. I would share a video of me enjoying my holiday, but I am still waiting for my camera.
    However I didn’t pre-order snap from Ron, I pre-ordered it from Vantage Robotics. I am sure Ron knows all these messages aren’t directed at him personally, otherwise his job would be very depressing.
    So why don’t allow him to enjoy his break and make sure someone looks after his job whilst he is away. That way he can relax and your customers would be happier.

    • Tobin Fisher says:

      Marcus –
      Finding and training a new person to take over community support in order to fill a four day stretch takes considerable effort. If we spend time doing this, it will diffuse our focus on scaling manufacturing and shipping units, which we don’t believe is in the best interests of our community. Our first customers received their units today and additional batches are continuing to ship. As we indicated, we are starting slowly with shipping, so do not expect a deluge of video on the internet from customers just yet. We can’t say when our first customers will post a video, as this is out of our control, but we’d expect it to be soon.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Thank you Marcus, I actually love working here at Vantage Robotics and I enjoy the positive posts and vibes from so many of our wonderful customers. I really did miss this, and I am glad to be back here working to get Snap into your hands asap. I too would have loved to have Snap on my vacation.

  • Dan says:


    • Ron Gryn says:

      You forgot – “Amazing”, also not invisible though we do have a prototype rotor set that is “Silent”

  • Concerned says:

    I’m with the rest of you in being concerned whats going on, its very quiet which makes no sense. I have sent an email that still hasn’t been responded too. I have had very simple blog post that have disappeared as well as some of you have.

    For god sake they supposedly just shipped their first shipment of a revolutionary drone that they built from the ground up which incurred many delays, heartaches, blood, sweat and tears. I don’t know about you all but wouldnt you think they would have pictures, videos, etc….. of their first shipment(s) going out. Wouldn’t this be a huge celebration they would share with all in the SNAP community and drone world. It just seems very very strange that nothing, I mean not a lick of making this a monumentus moment for Vantage Robotics , their loyal costumers and community.

    Vantage any updates on what the heck is going on? You have very loyal patient costumers dying to open the gates to SNAP and its capabilities. You have what we believe is a great product that we all believe in. Yes some have become more impatient than others but in the end we all believe in your company and your product, if we didn’t we would go elsewhere.

    You control the manufacturing process and should know where your suppliers are at in development of what external process/parts they are providing for SNAP. You as well should know what issue(s) your suppliers are having in their manufacturing process and parts; what delays they have and targeted date for delivery of those items. If you truly did ship the other day I’ll assume that all issues have been worked/ironed out with all your suppliers and any processes you do internally.

    If you truly want to be transparent well then let us know that you did truly ship and give solid evidence of it. Allow beta to be released of NDA and someone please take the time and let us costumers know where we are at in the shipping process.

    IF this is asking to much, well I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.

    I believe in your product, I want your product; but sorry to feel this way, everything else is very grey right now for us customers.

    With Kind Regards
    Tim Friedmann
    Supporter since 07/12/16

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Hello Tim, I was away from my keyboard for a moment. I will be responding to the emails later today. Thank you for your patience.

  • Gizmo says:

    I hope the wedding went well & you had chance to relax & let go!.
    Looking forward to you returning to us able to answer our questions & passing on some good news to us on shipping going forward.

  • philip says:

    yet another day without news, without Snaps surfacing on the web, without …..

    These guys are messing up seriously !

  • Paul E. C. says:

    Bet me $5 Tobias…

    Your product support & accessories won’t come to market before Christmas. Let’s double down on that. You will not be able to ship reliable quantities of batteries, the most needed necessity, until 2018.

    You have gotten a reputation. You built your reputation.

    You are “starting slowly” with shipping?

    That’s cool.

  • Gary H says:

    Ordered 9/2/2015. Haven’t heard a thing. Must be very small batches.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Hello Gary, we sent you a address verification and you responded. Your Snap is being prepared for shipping. I do not understand your comment. You have heard from us and you responded.

  • Chris says:

    Ron, please stop skipping these questions they have been asked by multiple people.

    When will the NDA be lifted?

    Are you shipping overseas yet?

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Hello Chris, there are videos on Vimeo from our beta customers. The first few batches will be to the United States and we plan to be shipping internationally real soon.

  • Ron,

    There are a whole lot of questions above that have been ignored of misinterpreted please answer them directly. Below are mine repeated.
    1 – Will you be using expedited delivery?
    2- Why can you not give a more precise shipping schedule for preorders?
    3 – Why are your beta testers still under NDA?
    4 – What is the schedule for the promised add-ons? (Originally meant to be available autumn 2016)
    5 – What was in my deleted post that broke house rules? I cannot think of any standard rules that I could have broken. Strange that it happened to more customers than just me at the same period…
    6 – When you say you are shipping in the order you received purchases, why have you not made it very clear that non north Americans are not included? What is the schedule for us second class customers?
    7 – How can we pre-program flights, this would be nice to get ready before snap arrives, so we can start to catch up on all we’ve missed.

    • Ron Gryn says:

      Hello again Marcus, thank you for all your support. 1 – We are currently shipping orders through FedEx Smartpost. 2 – We are shipping in the order purchased. International orders will take a bit longer. Shipping farther away takes longer, plus different countries = different regulations. 3 – Our beta testers have posted stuff. 4 – we are focused on getting Snap to every customer, once we catch up on our backlog we will turn our focus more to the accessories. They will take less time since we already have the vendors set up and they have less parts. 5 – Our blog is a community place. Posts that violate our policies will not be tolerated. Please keep all posts helpful and beneficial to the community. 6 – We are shipping in the order purchased. There are more regulations to navigate when shipping internationally. We are working to ship all over the world, these things take time. 7 – Snap comes with pre-programed flight mode. That’s one of the many ways we set ourselves apart from other drones. There will be a way down the line where our Snap community could create their own flight plans.

  • TiM says:

    Hey Ron,
    I’ve been lurking for awhile. I assume since Chris has received his confirmation e-mail, mine should be pretty close? I ordered on 9/26/15.



  • John Hall says:

    Sept 24th and I still have not received mine, still anxiously awaiting my order.

  • James Hattermann says:

    When am I going to get this drone ? I could have bought and wore out a different one by now.
    I am getting tired of waiting.

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