Quick shipping update

We’ve had many requests for more frequent, less thorough updates, so here goes -> The parts that we said were stuck in customs have remained stuck in customs, despite the shipper telling us they would be released “this week” every week for over six weeks straight. We ended up repurchasing the same batch of parts and shipping them into China in smaller packages, which thankfully got through customs. The PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) fabricator now has all components and has commenced making our long awaited next batch of boards. The first shipment is due to arrive on Monday and the vendor has committed to delivering all boards by 12/8. We have been busy building all supporting sub-assemblies, including complete rotor sets and batteries, and have large quantities waiting and ready to go, so we expect to be able to pump units out once the boards arrive, assuming there are no unexpected quality issues.

We also thought you might enjoy seeing the results of another test with our Wi-Fi repeater. Note the range (in meters) in the lower right. We’ll fill you in on all of the exciting communications updates next time we have a moment to breath.


  • Joe Kerby says:

    Awesome. I’ve used a Wi-Fi range extender a while back with my parrot bebop. I tried with my snap and couldn’t get it to work. Would live some instructions and info on what you are using for the Wi-Fi repeater and how to set it up. Thanks

  • Eugene says:

    Thank you for this update! This is much better than being in the dark and just hoping that things are progressing but not really knowing.

  • matthew Lukela says:

    That sounds like great news!! Given that people may be travelling for the holidays, it may be helpful if you could send a preshipping notification so the we can make sure someone is around to receive it. On a somewhat related note, I’ll be travelling to the Maldives on 12/20, so if you ship me my drone before then I promise to post some footage:)

  • Kevin Smith says:

    Tks for the update. I recognize that lake as one of my favorite local fishing lakes. Those hills and trails make for good semi-remote testing grounds.

  • Matthew Carr says:

    Wow! Well over a mile and a quarter. Impressive.
    It truly is a shame that you apparently were unable to find a competitive fabricator here in the US…
    Endeavor to persevere.

  • Gizmo2001 says:

    Wow! That is hard to hear about being basically ripped off with the parts for people’s Snaps’s but hopefully you can go at full speed with the second batch to get them to others before Christmas??.
    Secondly that is some Disstance with the repeater…..I don’t need to go that far but about 1000 metres would be great.

  • John says:

    Awesome and appreciated! Thanks

  • Joe Kerby says:

    Was this your Wi-Fi range extended or that you guys are making or was it an after market one just wondering?

    • James Squires says:

      This was an early step in designing our own, but we did hack a few off the shelf parts in the making.

  • chuck peck says:

    I am wondering at this time, where we prepurchase folks stand relative to receiving our snaps now ? Two weeks, After Christmas, after Jan 2018 ? Im dying here . . .

    • James Squires says:

      We hope to have all the parts in within the next week, and to have most units ready within the next month.

  • Chris Breault says:

    Good to hear James
    But I do have a question about shipping out units, is there a way to let us know when you start shipping again that you could tell us the date range of who will be getting their drones. Like you are now shipping for back orders from early to mid 2015 and then late 2015 to early 2016 and so on, so that we a better understanding of who is getting their drone and how far down the list we are on.
    Thanks A lot
    Chris B.

    • James Squires says:

      We don’t have anything like this currently setup, but will circle back to it once we are full steam again.

  • 777 says:

    Nice to hear the progress you guys are making! That range is incredible! I would assume that it would be limited in Europe (CE)?

    • James Squires says:

      Thanks 777. It will be different in Europe, and quite possibly less. But we aren’t really there yet to say with authority.

  • Chris Breault says:

    That’s no problem just waiting to get mine because my brother bought a Phantom 3 about 6 months ago and I can’t wait to rub my drone footage in his face LOL .
    Can’t wait to see what else Vantage has up it sleeves for later.
    Thanks for your response.

  • 777 says:

    Can you combine the future available modules for snap? Meaning that you could fly with the obstacle avoidance module and WiFi range extender simultaneously?

    • James Squires says:

      For the most part, yes. With the example you gave, the obstacle avoidance will be mounted on the fuselage while the range extender will be held by your phone.

      However, Snap will only be able to mount one accessory on its back. So you would not be able to fly with both the obstacle avoidance and, say, the DSM module.

  • Chris says:

    To the people wondering about the date range: Casey Neistat, a youtuber with 8.3m subscriber’s just released a video on Snap today. He just received it, in the video he said he bought it 2 years ago, one of the commenters mentioned he has not heard anything and has also been waiting 2 years. It would be a fair assumption that after 6 months of shipping they are still in the mid/late 2015. This gives me serious doubt about the legitimacy of finishing shipping within 1 month.
    On a positive note he did say the image was on par with the Mavic.

    • James Squires says:

      While we have been delayed with one critical part, which has prevented us from shipping, we have not been idle. We have continued to work on all other parts of the build, and are ready to push a lot through.

  • Jeff says:

    Did all of the boards arrive as promised? Will shipments from Sept. 2015 go out this month?

  • Vinny Yim says:

    When am I going to receive my Snap Drone? I’m pretty sure I was one of the early preorders because it’s been over 1 year. All I get is excuses. Been a fan and willing to support but patience is wearing thin now.

  • Chris says:

    Have they finished the Android app yet?

    • James Squires says:

      Software is never finished and always improving. We just pushed a big update, but still have a lot of features on the docket.

  • John says:

    Has the testing gone well? In an email response to me a few weeks ago I was told I should have my drone well before Christmas. Do you still feel I will receive it before Christmas? Thanks, John

    • James Squires says:

      Before Xmas is less likely. Check out the update from 12/18 for more details on the boards

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